ZUNAR-Zulkiflee Anwar Haque


ZunarZunar Zulkiflee SM Anwar Ulhaque (born 1962), better known as Zunar to Malaysians, is a political cartoonist who has been drawing editorial cartoons for the past 20 years in Malaysia. A Malaysian Political Cartoonist on Facing His Fears, and Prison, for Art. NYtimes.com /PDF
The story of cartoonist Zunar

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Arrest for sedition On September 24, 2010 Zunar was arrested by the police and charged for sedition, 3 hours prior to the launching of his just-published book “Cartoon-O-Phobia”. During the arrest the police seized 66 copies of the book. The clamp-down may have been due to reasons that the book contains ‘sensitive’ issues such as the Altantuya murder, the conspiracy against Anwar, the prime minister’s wife Rosmah, the loss of fighter jet engines, the Scorpene submarine that cannot dive, issues in Sarawak, racism, corruption, waste of public funds, among others.

A cartoon that the artist described as a self-portrait.