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W-T-W.org Women and Finance is an organization founded to educate women on the last taboo subject: finance. Our finance news sweeps the globe for issues that impact women, issues on which it is particularly important for women to be up-to-date and informed.

W-T-W.org brings together lively and controversial financial information from all over the world.

W-T-W.org is creating a knowledge database for and about women and finance.

W-T-W.org makes original documents from financial institutions, governments and think tanks available in one place.

W-T-W.org looks for answers now and for the future. We are open to many different ideas.

W-T-W.org welcomes women who are interested in joining us as business partners, editors and cartoonists.

Alone we are invisible; together we are invincible

W-T-W Women and Finance
Founder Dagmar Frank




Women and Finance Meeting:
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We welcome business partners, editors and cartoonists
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