Enrico Bertuccioli

Enrico BertuccioliEnrico Bertuccioli  born 1970 in Urbino (Italy) , an illustrator and a cartoonist coming from the School of Comics of Milan. He collaborate periodically as a cartoonist and author of satirical texts with satirical and humoristic web-zines.  e-bert.blogspot.com.  If you are interested in buying cartoons or drawings from Enrico Bertuccioli  Contact Us.

Mario Draghi and the Eurotower / published Stresstest

Mario Draghi is the “man of the match”, but it will be not so simple to reach the goal and save this unsafe Eurotower …

Austerity growth

Mario Draghi and the Eurotower










Between the anvil and the hammer copia2







Header Austerity vs Growth-EBMario Draghi and the Eurotower-EB